How to be happy!

Here’s a Super Simple Way to Make Life Better!

amazing journey day 4

For my new followers, I’ve been working through a little project. I decided to dedicate 40 days to focusing on all things spiritual. So far, I have adopted a routine of daily spiritual practices. I have read some interesting ideas and discovered some new insights. Every day has changed me.
Today (day 27), I uncovered something life-changing. I want to share it with you, because I know it will help you, and because I really want to remember it for my own journey.

Any investment advisor will tell you that the best investments are the ones that make marginal gains consistently and predictably over time. The final benefits far outweigh any individual deposit.

Let’s say I wanted to be a quilter and I know nothing about making a quilt. If I made a commitment to learn about and practice quilting for twenty minutes every day, eventually I would be a master quilter, and I didn’t have to work that hard to get there.

There is power in consistency. My short-term commitment to my daily spiritual practices (meditation, prayer, etc.), has completely changed my life. In the past week, I have had some really bad days, but no matter how I felt, I stuck with my routine. I prayed and studied when I was not in the mood. I meditated when I wanted to go pick a fight.

Why is this important? Because yesterday I received news that would have discouraged most people, but I had a truly wonderful day. For real! This happened because now, when life gives me something distressing or confusing, I naturally pull up the tools I learned in my daily routine. In chaos and noise, I can recall my sense of peace I get in meditation. When I feel stressed, I remember things like: “The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. “– Psalm 118:6 I have incorporated some wonderful things into my life, and they just show up when I need them out of habit!
I challenge you to integrate one small thing into your life and make a real commitment to do it every day. Here are a few suggestions: Get out of the house and walk around your block, just once, every single day. Find a quote that inspires you and read it every single day. Drink your morning coffee on the front porch, and look at your world every single day.
You will be amazed by the return of blessing that comes from such a small investment.

Have a beautiful, blessed day!
I Love you all!



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