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How One Thought can Change Your Life!



The Universe gave me a powerful reminder this past week. On some level, I already knew this, but I sincerely hope that I will remember it in the future.

Have you ever had a day or even a month when nothing seemed to go right? No matter how hard you tried, things just seem to get worse. We are told that when we work hard and do your best, that things will improve; so we get confused when the problems get bigger instead of smaller.

I believe I understand why this happens. It’s been called the law of abundance, positive energy, vibrational attraction, and many more names. It’s the idea that whatever is showing up in your life reflects your most prevalent thoughts.

If you are grateful and you only notice your blessings, you tend to have more to be thankful for. Thus, you are always thinking about your blessings and you are in a cycle of being blessed. On the other hand, if you are stressed, depressed, or fearful, that is all you can think about. So, it makes sense that you tend to draw the bad stuff to you, because it is all you can see.

I won’t be dismissive about being in that dark place. I just spent a couple of weeks there. Stepping into the light is not always as easy as flipping a switch.

This last week, I applied and interviewed for a job. I had been going through some challenges with my current position that seemed to compound daily. I did not get the job, and now I understand why. I was approaching the new opportunity from a point of desperation. I was running to what I thought would be better because of my current negative emotions. I am glad it didn’t work out.

When the right door opens, it will be because God’s timing is perfect. I will know the rightness of it by the way my thoughts are pulling me toward light and Love. I can only imagine how terrible that job might have been, having begun on a foundation of fear, stress, and anger.

I know it’s hard to flip that switch when you find your surroundings growing dimmer. Maybe if we can keep some of those “higher” thoughts handy, we can shift things before they get really bad. . For example, Loving my enemy today might save me a lot of heartache down the road.

Here are a few suggestions to file in your mind for later reference:


Have a wonderful, blessed day!
I Love you all!




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