Prayer as a Transformation Tool

amazing journey 10


Today I’d like to talk about prayer. I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough on this topic and I’d like to share it with you. Even if you are not especially religious, you probably will agree that if you focus your intention on something for long enough, the chances of something changing will increase.


The mind is a huge mystery and there is still so much that we do not understand. I am currently reading “How to Know God” by Deepak Chopra. (It is really good and I will offer a full review of the book after I have finished it.) He references a Duke University study in 1998 that asked the question “Does prayer have any power?” Here is an excerpt:


“150 patients who had undergone invasive cardiac procedures were studied, but none of them knew that they were being prayed for. Seven religious groups around the world were asked to pray…Researchers found that surgical patients’ recovery could be from 50 to 100 percent better if someone prayed for them.”


Here is what I believe. Everything we see and touch exists here in the material world. There is also a spiritual world that is invisible. You can call it your higher consciousness or God or whatever, but there is something out there that we cannot see and do not fully understand.


Prayer opens our minds which opens a connection to that spiritual place. You have heard me speak of God as energy. Somehow, prayer sparks energy into action.


I am just recently figuring this out. I have said before that prayer is me talking to God and meditation is God talking back. So, it is not surprising that I would prefer the latter. I mean listening to God is about a million times more interesting than me doing all the talking, right?


Well, I have lately begun to talk to God like I would talk to a friend. Whatever I am worried about or however I am feeling, I just let it out and talk through it. My praying does not sound pretty. I’m sure if I were asked to pray in a group of people, I would mess it up. But it is real, and It makes me feel better.


Furthermore, (and here’s the breakthrough part), I speak the words out loud.


We tend to sit still and worry and call it prayer.


I heard someone say once that your thoughts can chase each other around and never arrive at a point, but you can only speak one thing at a time.


Using your voice to speak something out loud gives the thought substance. The sound gives it weight. Do you want to get out of your busy, chatty head? Start speaking your prayers out loud. They don’t have to be beautiful. They just have to be real.


Pour out your cares and worries. Be thankful for your blessings. Say what you feel and why you feel that way. Its’s okay to say, “I’m tired.” or “I don’t understand.” Then, when you feel like you have nothing left to say, be still and listen. I think you will be surprised by how much better you will feel.

amazing journey 10a


I have started this practice every morning and every night. I am amazed at how much my attitude and faith have improved. My day goes smoother and I sleep better at night.


I’m sending out a prayer for anyone who reads this. May you find joy in unexpected places and opportunities to share Love with those who really need it.


Have a beautiful, blessed day!

I Love you all!


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