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Breakthrough on Dealing with Difficult people!

amazing journey 17


Walking a spiritual path is (at least for me), mostly about lessons. I am constantly in the middle of a lesson. Whatever I am going through, I know the answer lies somewhere in the question “What should I be learning from this?”


Life is not always simple and easy. Stressful situations or difficult people come into our lives for a purpose. It is only in the challenges that we develop our faith and strengthen our character. In the process of our learning and dealing, we often stumble and make mistakes. People may look at you and think “She doesn’t seem very spiritual.” Or “That’s not a very Godly way to be.”


That’s okay. You are not perfect. You are learning.


amazing journey 17b


Do you have someone in your life that drives you crazy or tests your patience? Maybe it’s a family member who constantly creates drama. The neighbor who plays his music way too loud. The co-worker who refuses to fit in.


This is the person that you will avoid if you see them in public. Maybe they talk too much or they are too negative. This person is too sad or too angry or too needy or even too cheerful! You don’t want to talk to them because it seems like a waste of time. They are a lost cause, written off, hopeless.


I won’t go into specifics here, but I was given a lesson in the form of a difficult person. I would begin every day with a fresh resolve to be open and kind. I would be patient. I would find a way.


Every night I would come home disappointed in myself because I just couldn’t do it. I had lost my patience, again. I give up! Some people just are the way they are and there is nothing I can do about it.


Then I sat down to pray. I asked for forgiveness for being rude and impatient…again.


That’s when I got it. How many times can I come to God and ask for forgiveness? How many times can I be given Love and grace and mercy? There is no limit to these things. It doesn’t matter how many times I fail or what stupid thing I have done. I am still Loved. God is patient with me. I am getting better all the time, even if the growth is slow. The process will never end because there is no limit to God’s Love.


How many days will you try to help a person before you’ve hit your limit?


I expect to be loved and cared for again and again, yet I refuse to extend the same understanding to others. I receive God’s unconditional Love after I have failed a thousand times. Should I not reflect that Love to those around me?


amazing journey 16d


I am not saying that I will always be successful, but now I think I understand. Everyone deserves Love. Even the one that is needy or rude or lazy or selfish or manipulative or cruel. God Loves every single one the same.


Maybe dealing with that person will be easier when I see them the way God sees them…a little bit lost and clueless, just like me.


I hope this helps someone. Thanks for listening.


Have a blessed day!

I Love you all!


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