gratitude, How to be happy!

I don’t have to, I GET to.

amazing journey 26c



Many of us hear the word God, and we think of church. Then we feel a twinge of guilt because we haven’t been to church. See if this sounds familiar.

I should go to church. I should be a better person. I should read the Bible. I should pray. I should help the poor. I should. I should.

Why do you think you should? Is it because someone, like your sweet Mama, said you should? Don’t get me wrong, I bless Mamas everywhere beyond measure for all they do. My point is, maybe your prayers don’t feel that real, because they are done out of obligation.

I don’t want to be a better person because I am supposed to. I want to rise. I want to be closer to God.

Why? Because it makes me happy. I want to wake up every day with a heart full of gratitude. I want to walk through my day with Love in my heart and a sense of peace.

I need to be calm and centered in the midst of chaos. I need to be sound in my mind, my body, and my emotions. I can’t do all that on my own. I know the things I need can only be found in a place a bit higher than myself.


amazing journey 26b

I don’t pray because it makes me holy. I pray because it connects me to the source of peace and joy.

I want to live above my circumstances and struggles. I don’t open my Bible because I should. I am hungry for something new to feed my soul.

I feel like I am repeating myself, so you probably get what I’m trying to say. God wants us to reach for Him. It is in the reaching, that we find things like peace of mind, Love, and kindness. In short, a better life.


amazing journey 26a


Reach. Stretch. Hope. Dream. Rise.


Imagine all the new things you could uncover today if you took a few minutes to look for them. Things like prayer and studying the Bible are good because they connect you with something higher than yourself. Most importantly, never stop searching, growing, and learning. There is a whole world of amazing, life-changing things out there, just waiting for you to uncover them.


amazing journey 26


Have a beautiful, blessed, expansive day!

I Love you all!


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