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I am not Afraid! I will Fight to Stay on this Path!


I have a purpose. Every thing I have gone through was a part of my training, and I am smack in the middle of God’s plan for my life.


My purpose is unfolding right here, right now at the tips of my fingers. My words and actions are expanding my path.


Sounds great, right? Well, it’s not always that simple. You see, I have this enemy who wants to stop me. You can call it the negative habits in my mind. You can call it the devil. Regardless of what you name it, it is a spiritual opponent.


This enemy whispers in my ear and says things like “You are not good enough.” and “Life is too hard.” He throws complications and problems and drama in my way to distract me. It wants me to quit. It wants me to lie down. He makes me feel lost and overwhelmed in my emotions or my circumstances.


Well, no more!

I choose the path of my purpose.


I will fight for my destiny.

My hands will do the work of integrity and compassion.

I will step into chaos with a calm confidence.

I will reflect the Love and peace and forgiveness of my creator.


fight 1


There will be challenges to my resolve, but I will fight.

My patience will be tested.

My body will grow tired.

People and situations will rise up against me, but I will be strong.


I will not waver. I have a purpose. I will fight against any dark thing that stands in my way and I will win.


Love is more than just a soft, pretty idea. Love arms me with the strength and confidence of a warrior. I am empowered and protected by a force larger than myself.


Listen up, negativity, fear, anger and greed. Before you come at me, you’d better check yourself and be ready for a fight. I am no longer an easy mark.


I will fight and I will win.


Please share this post. Someone you know may be about to give up. Encourage each other.


I Love you all!


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