This is for You, Mom.

amazing journey 29


Dear Mom,

This is not a greeting card. This is not sweet and pretty.

There will be no images of glittery roses.

This is a thank you for the real stuff.


amazing journey 29a


Thank you Mom, for the stretch marks and the sagging breasts.

Thank you Mom, for the thousand nights of interrupted sleep.

Thank you for the early morning cupcakes and the late-night science posters.

Thank you for the mountains of laundry and the endless question of what to make for dinner.


amazing journey 29b


Thank you for teaching me how to brush my teeth, tidy my room, and clean up after myself.

Thank you for teaching me how to tell the truth, how to treat people, and how to do what’s good.

Thank you for the nights of hoping and praying that I would get well, or be safe, or grow up right.

As your daughter, I thank you for giving me an image of what a good woman looks like.


amazing journey 29d


As your son, I thank you for showing me what a strong wife looks like.

More than anything, I thank you for your Love, that is solid as a stone.

Thank you for Loving me through the temper tantrums, and the broken curfews, and the screaming arguments.

Even when it was hard, you always knew that my potential was worth the struggle.


amazing journey 29e


Finally, for all of these and the things I don’t yet understand, I say Thank You.

I Love you.


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