How to be happy!

A Simple Suggestion for Happiness #1 (Don’t judge me.)


amazing journey 31


I am starting a series called “Simple Suggestions for Happiness”. They will be short, practical, and based on my own search for happiness and wisdom.


Mathew 7:1 Judge not, that you be not judged.


I have misunderstood that verse my whole life. I always thought it meant if I judge others, then God will judge me.
Now I understand that God does not judge me. God completely, unconditionally, Loves me; without judgement.
This verse is really helpful because it tells me how to get along with people. If I walk through my life with a bad attitude, people will likely have the same attitude toward me. The measure to which I judge others, I will be judged. And why not? Of course, that is how it should be. I spend a lot of time being frustrated with people, because I expect them to be just like me! I make judgements about their social skills, their work ethic, and their behavior.
I judge people on their attitude! Ha! Does anyone else see the irony in that?
Today, I’d like to focus on my judgmental self-talk. What am I thinking about the people around me? Maybe I would be happier, if I asked myself the same questions I mentally direct toward others. Can I be kinder? Can I be more compassionate? Can I set a better example?
I just need to remember that we  are all flawed humans and we all deserve the same considerations. Do unto (and think about), others as you would have them do (and think about), you.
Luke 6: 38 says:


amazing journey 30a


Dear God,
Today, show me opportunities to be kind.
Allow me to hear and examine my own judgements and criticism of others.
Remind me, God, that the way I see my brother is the way he will see me.



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