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A “Thank You!” Dance


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I went to the dollar store today to pick up a few things. Keep reading. It gets better.
As I had neglected to make a list, I paused in my shopping to think about what else I might need. Standing in a little cramped grocery aisle, beside the canned tuna and chicken broth, I realized that I didn’t need anything.
There was nothing in the little discount store that I needed. It wasn’t very long ago that I would have been thrilled to have a few cans of generic tuna. I thought about my own cozy kitchen and took a quick mental inventory of what I have. I could probably skip grocery shopping for a month and never go hungry. I am blessed, Loved, and provided for.


But wait. there’s more. Not only is there nothing in the dollar store that I need, but there is nothing in my little hometown (or the whole country for that matter), that I need. My needs are supplied. I am lacking in nothing.


Still standing in the grocery aisle, I let my mind expand to the things I really need to live happily. I need air in lungs, health in my body, food in my stomach, clothes on my back, and a roof over my head. That covers the physical world. I need peace in my mind and God’s Love in my heart. I need strength, courage, hope, and patience. I may not be maxed out in every department when it comes to the spiritual world, but I have what I need for today.


How many people can say “There is nothing in the Universe that I require.”? I have what I need. I wanted to do a little dance, right there beside a woman reading a can of ravioli!


This is not a rant about how you should be grateful for your blessings. I won’t tell you to be thankful for the food on your plate because there are children starving in Africa, (although there are). I just want to help you toward your happiness. The next time you feel down, (or just have a really rotten day), stop and notice your blessings. Someone is praying for the things you have. Feeling blessed is one of the best ways to have a happy life.


Also, this is simply me, sending my appreciation out into the Void. I am so blessed! I have food, clothing, and shelter. I have reliable transportation, running water, electricity, and internet! I have this lovely platform where I can do the thing that makes me blissful, and it is read by kind, generous souls! I am strong and healthy. I have family and friends who love me for who I really am. I am blessed with a positive spirit and the Love of One who will never leave me.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Have a beautiful day, world.
I Love you all!


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