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Read This, Even If It’s Old News!

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I have had a huge spiritual breakthrough. It may not be life-altering to some of you, as we are each one on a different leg of this journey, but keep reading and share in my joy!

There is a verse in the bible that says “God is Love.” Yeah, so, that doesn’t sound too impressive. Sounds like a greeting card, right? Stick with me.

We all pretty much believe–no matter what your faith–that God is omnipresent (God is everywhere). Shake your head if you agree.

Therefore, there is a divine, Loving energy everywhere. Everywhere. Let that sink in. There is Love in the air you breathe. There is Love in the food you eat. There is Love in your joyful moments and in every stressful situation. EVERYWHERE.

This Love is in the form of potential. In every moment, there is potential for happiness, peace, bliss, contentment, growth, expansion, awareness…, okay that could go on an on, but you get the idea.

Understanding this simple concept changes everything. What do I have to fear? Why should I dread or feel anxiety or sadness? Every thing is in place for the sole purpose of bringing me closer to that one force, that one Source, God. I am surrounded, protected, created, and trained in Love.

Because of this, I really can do all things. In Love there is no fear.

Instead, there is only lightness.

I know, I’m a bit excited, but hey, do the Universe a solid and spread this around.

What is the point of gaining awareness if I don’t share it? Besides, there are lots of people out there who are not as enlightened as you and I, so share, like, repost, tweet, whatever. #loveiseverywhere!

Love casts out all fear. And it’s right there, a breath away, at the tips of your fingers, waiting to help and add peace and comfort and happiness to your life right now!

I Love you all!



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