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What’s Your Opinion on This?

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I am currently researching a book I’d like to write about the ego and spiritual blockages.
Do you all mind if I just ask for some feedback?
I am only beginning to scratch the surface here, but the idea of clearing negative energy from the physical body is intriguing to me. How many of you believe that you can begin the healing of past emotional pains by … (just a few ideas….)


Eating clean/organic food
Drinking pure water
Cleansing the body of toxins
Minimizing/simplifying your living space
Creating a more organized routine


I’m working a theory here, but I think that if I can get rid of everything that my soul does not need, there will be more room to grow more of what I really crave, like divine Love and natural peace.


Please comment below. I would really like to know your opinions.


Love ya!


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