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Love is Creative


amazing journey love is creative


If “God is Love”, and God is the creator of all things, then Love, by its very nature is a force of creation.

What if we looked at our lives through a lens of being in a constant state of re-creation? What would happen if today, you created the life you wanted using Love as the tool?

I believe it’s not only possible, but probably the only real solution.

Real Love will create a bridge to understanding.
Real Love will replace bitterness.
Real Love will create a way to communicate.
Real Love will mend fences.
Real Love will create a path to your bliss.


Today, I want to step out into the world armed with Love. I’m not talking about a greeting card, generic “love thy neighbor” sort of love.


I’m talking about a force, an energy that makes the grass grow, the wind blow, and heals broken hearts.

John Lennon said, “All you need is Love.”
Maybe it really is that simple.



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