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Prayer for the work week



Am I the only one who starts getting the blues on Sunday night? The idea of starting another work week feels exhausting. Let’s start this week with a good mindset. To help us make this mental adjustment, I put down a little prayer for Monday morning. Just read it slowly and let it sink in. I pray you and I will have a blessed, safe, productive, joyful week!



Dear God,

Thank you for this day and another chance to enjoy your blessings.

I thank you for my job, my home, and my family.

Help me to perform the work before me with the best of my ability and with a good attitude.

Help me to open my eyes this week and see my blessings, so that I will not dwell on the distractions.

Help me to stay focused on you, on Love, and to remember that you are always with me.

When I encounter a challenge this week, help me to remember that I only need to ask, and you will provide all the strength and courage I need.

Thank you for the understanding that every step on my journey this week is for my benefit, and part of a plan that I may not see yet.

I thank you for everyone I meet this week. Help me to remember that each one is going through a struggle. I pray that I will be open to your Love, be helpful to those around me, and be a reflection of you.

Thank you for my life.

Thank you for my health.

Thank you for my path.

Thank you for my confidence that nothing is

impossible because you are with me.








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