How to be happy!, play

Smile like you’re up to something!




What would happen if you just forgot about all your worries for one day?


Don’t panic. It’s just one day. What’s the worst thing that could happen? The problems that bring you down will likely still be there tomorrow. Who knows? If you take a little vacation from stressing, you might be able to see things more clearly.


pexels-photo-774095.jpegToday, I’m gonna act like I don’t have a care in the world and just smile.

You should join me.

Just smile.

Smile like it’s your birthday.



Smile like you’re up to something.

Smile like you’re wearing new shoes.

Smile at people who are frowning.

Smile for no reason.



Smile like a fat kid with free cake.

Smile at that rude person and the bill in the mail.

Just smile.


Come on! I dare you!


Smile like it’s the first day of baseball season and you’re holding the bat.

Smile like you’re on vacation.



Smile like you just got a turquoise box from Tiffany’s.

Smile like Emeril made you breakfast. Bam!

Smile because you know how awesome you are.

Smile because you are Loved.


smiley cat

Just smile.

You and I are gonna have a great day!

I Love you all!

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