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The Power of Words (a diy raise-your-vibration kit!)



How powerful do you feel?

You might be shocked if you understood the power that you have, just in the words you think and speak.

The words on my lips and in my head create the life around me. I can affirm positivity and elevate myself and everyone around me. I can tell myself and others that the glass is half empty and it will be.

I know this line of thinking is nothing new, but some times we need a little reminder.

I have a little exercise for you. I guess it’s more like an experiment.

There is a big block of words below. Before you begin, take a nice, long deep breath. Then simply read. Don’t stop and think. Don’t rush. Just simply let the words wash over you. When you reach the end, take another cleansing breath and notice how you feel.


Love hope faith compassion desire explore wise fantasize music embrace gratitude give delight find enjoy peace trust prosperity bright serenity friendship adore harmony discover passion trust imagine growth divine give prayer quiet joy create bliss search solace light dance share wish warm blessings pleasure laugh devotion stillness comfort worship new kindness live stillness transformation sing smile invent wonder believe dream



You’re welcome.



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