How to be happy!

Love for no reason.



Today I read a phrase that stopped me in my tracks.


“… love is incapable of asking for anything.”

I feel like I could let that sink in for ten years and never get the full benefit of these words.

How much of my life has been built on the idea that I can only be loved if I fulfill someone else’s expectations?

Did my children ever think that my love was conditional?

How might my life be transformed if I allowed that kind of unconditional love to direct my steps? How would my relationships change if I only spoke from a point of giving without expecting?


“… love is incapable of asking for anything.”


Dear God,

Fill me with your Love.

I want to see the world through your eyes.

I want to be your grace to those who are hurting.

I want to love for no reason



today’s takeaway:  Love is not an investment with hope of return. Love is dropping money from an airplane, because I have too much to hold onto.


3 thoughts on “Love for no reason.”

  1. Coming from an older and grown child, we always know your love in unconditional, it may be hard to see when we are children but knowing that you have given us a roof over our heads and food so we didn’t go hungry that is enough for us to know the unconditional love mothers give us children. Great post, keep on keeping on youre a great blogger!

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