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Daily Spiritual Practice for Beginners (Part 6: nightly routine)




Until recently, I have struggled with insomnia. Without drugs or alcohol, sleep was elusive, to say the least. Turns out, it wasn’t just my mind keeping me up, but also my soul.

Now I don’t have that problem because I have a nightly routine that relaxes my body, settles my mind, and clears my conscious.

First, I like to have some sort of aromatherapy in my bedroom. I personally love my infuser, but a warm oil candle or incense will work fine. My favorite scent is cedar. It is earthy and grounding.

Next, I go through a small set of yoga poses. This is not elaborate. I mostly like to stretch the big muscle groups. It helps me to sleep better. I do a couple of lunges and a couple of tall arm stretches.

While I’m stretching, I’m focusing on my day. I think about every good thing that happened today. I remember a blessing and say “thank you”. Even when you are exhausted from a hard day, you might be surprised by how much of it was actually good. This does two things: 1) It reminds me that God is with me in each moment, even when I don’t stop and acknowledge it. 2) I am reminded to put more emphasis on the positive aspects of my life and to let go of the negative.


Finally, I say a little prayer that goes something like this:

Dear God,

Thank you for the grace that helped me to finish another day.

Thank you for another opportunity to help others.

Forgive my failings.

I release any anger that I carry toward your children.

Watch over me as I sleep, dispel my fears and wrap me in sacred peace.

I Love you with all my heart.



When I close my eyes to sleep, I am pure. I have no guilt, no worries, no frustration. My body is relaxed. I don’t worry about tomorrow, because I know I have a God that will take care of all that in due time.


I hope this series was helpful.

I love you all!



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