Do I have the Courage for God’s kind of Love?




There is a passage in A Course in Miracles that is breaking my heart.


What was regarded as injustices done to one by someone else now becomes a call for help and for union. Sin, sickness and attack are seen as misperceptions calling for remedy through gentleness and love. Defenses are laid down because where there is no attack, there is no need for them. Our brothers’ needs become our own, because they are taking the journey with us as we go to God. Without us they would lose their way. Without them we could never find our own.

This is the world I am looking for, but can I be what this world needs? Can any of us?
Can I be bold enough to stand in God’s Love surrounded by hate?
Can I look at every angry expression; hear every rude remark with compassion?
Am I brave enough to risk being called a bleeding-heart liberal?
The world sees Love, compassion, and forgiveness as excuses for weakness. They think we live in a fairy tale land of make believe.
A billion projected egos scream “We must fight back!” Can I be the courageous one to say “I Love you. I forgive you. I’m sorry you are hurting.”?


Dear God,
Fill me with your Love.
Open the eyes of my heart that I may see the pain behind the anger.
Holy Spirit, filter my words and thoughts through your Love.
Help my unbelief.
I am your grace in this world.



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