encouragement, what Love can do

For that really bad day…





Yesterday was a bad day. Don’t worry. Not tragic. No car crash or job layoff.
My spirit just got beat up.

I won’t go into details but I just got really tired.
I got tired of cruel, hurtful words.
I got tired of being the only one trying to be positive.
I got tired of negativity, and harsh, loud, selfish attitudes.
I just got really, really tired.


So this morning, I fell on my face, wept a few tears and asked God to help me. I asked for answers.


Here is what I got:

Nothing can separate me from the Love of God. I am never alone, even when I let my emotions cloud that fact.
This fact separates me from the world. I will, by default be different.
That’s okay, because I will be okay. I am now okay, because I feel God’s Love.

That is what makes me strong.
Furthermore, I am reminded that I am in a world of hurting, lonely people. Someone may go all day without hearing one kind word if it doesn’t come from me.

That is my job. That is my purpose.
I will not be deterred by careless words uttered by hurting people.


There is no point in me showing up, expecting other people to make me feel better.

I get high on my own supply.


Dear God,
Thank you for your Love.
Forgive me for forgetting.
Thank you for allowing my trials to become my lessons.
Today I am stronger.



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