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What has God Manifested for You Today?



All healing is essentially a release from fear.”
A Course in Miracles

For the last several days, I have adopted the following verse into my consciousness:






By the fourth day of this practice, all I have to do now is stop, take a breath, and allow myself to be delighted by God. I never would have imagined that something so easy could have made such a difference. I have more peace. I think more clearly. I make better decisions. I communicate with others better.
Why has this happened? I think it is because I am recognizing the presence of God. My Higher Power was always there, but only lately have I allowed myself to know and understand this Force in a real way.
God doesn’t come and go like some flighty, unpredictable wind. God is always here in my soul, in my heart, in my very breath. I only need to let go of my need to control everything so that the miracle can shine through.
At the end of this (day 4) of my manifesting experiment, I realized that God is constantly manifesting miracles all around me. Most of which I am likely unaware of!
For example, I have come to understand that because I carry this delight, this peace, it makes me a conduit for miracles. That sounded a bit cryptic. What I mean is, I approach people and situations with a spirit of peace, so they recognize (on some level), that I am not coming with any ego or aggression. By the way, this attitude is not anything I am doing on purpose. I’m not that good. It just happens naturally because the joy of the Lord is with me. This softens the way for open, honest, trusting communication.




I have made it a habit to sit down at the end of each day and recall what God has done. What is God up to day? What awesome thing did God reveal to me today?

Yes, I suppose, it is encouraging to make a list of the things God has manifested each day, but maybe that is not even necessary. All I need is the thought in the front of my mind that says all things are working out for my good.



I am simply released from fear and that sets off a chain reaction of miracles all around me.


There may not be a curtain coming up on some huge opportunity every day, but I feel the lights warming up. I may not see everything, but I know there is a lot of activity behind the stage. There is a tingle of anticipation in the air.



I’m gonna just keep letting go and let God run the show!


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