challenges, gratitude

“Enough!” she cried.




Here’s my life lately. Let me know if this sounds familiar.

I feel off balance.

I’m easily distracted and easily irritated.

Yes, I need to meditate and pray, but I’m so tired. I’ll just hit the snooze one more time.

I’ll be fine.
I need to spend some time reading and studying something inspirational and Holy, but instead, I spend 45 minutes scrolling through stupid crap on facebook.


I’d rather settle for greasy nachos because I don’t want to take 10 minutes to chop up items for a salad.
I take in a bombardment of negative news feeds and brainwashing advertising every day. I don’t balance it with anything life-affirming and then wonder why my anxiety goes up.
After a while, I am overthinking everything because I don’t know what is right anymore.


My soul is swimming in so much pollution that I feel like I’m drowning.


I am not fine.


Reality check:

I was rescued from a pit of despair by grace and Love.
I should be walking around with a huge grin on my face and beams of gratitude shooting out from my fingers.


I would be dead if not for the grace of God.


But I can’t be bothered to stop once a day and pray?


Well, this stops now.


New plan, new schedule, new focus.
I am going on a media fast. No social media. No news. No television.
I need to clean out my spirit; a negativity detox!
My free time will henceforth be spent reading something wholesome, writing, praying, meditating, or exercising.
How long will this last? Until I am completely whole. Until I know exactly who I am.

Until the voice of God is clear; undistorted by the current clutter in my mind.


Dear God,
Forgive me for taking your grace for granted.
Help me to see you all around me.
Show me the shadows of my heart.
Help me to open every part of my soul to the light of your Love.
I am yours.
I surrender.



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