Today’s Goal: One Word: Kind




Category: Rise!


Defined: Kindness —act of being indulgent, considerate, or helpful; humane


What it means to me: connection


My story:
I live in an apartment on the second floor. The tenant below me is a young man in his first place away from home. We are not exactly friendly neighbors. His music is often too loud and there are often strange odors rising from his rooms.
One day, as I was getting into my car, heading to work, I notice my young neighbor walking across the yard, toward the street. I knew he was walking to his job at a local restaurant.


So I yell, “Hey, want a ride?”


I don’t know why I offered. Maybe because it was a hot day and no one wants to show up for work soaked in sweat. Maybe I didn’t want to only be seen as the grouchy woman upstairs that complains about the music.
The ride to the restaurant was actually really nice. We chatted about his work and I found out that he knows my grandson. When he got out, he seemed sincerely grateful for the ride. As I continued my little commute to my job, I did some thinking.


I felt really good. How simple it was to raise my vibrations and those of someone else. It took so little effort to create such good feelings. How much happier I might be if I could manage to get outside my own worries and shift my attention to the needs of others.


Takeaway: The Universe provides us with an endless array of opportunities to be kind. Every single one of us needs, craves, and longs for care and kindness from those around us. Kindness connects us to each other and to God’s Love.


Today’s goal: Today I will think about myself less and notice the needs of others.


Affirmation to go:  “We rise by lifting others.” Robert Ingersoll




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