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Today’s Goal: One Word: Gifts




Category: Purpose

Defined: Gifts–a special ability or capacity; natural endowment; talent:

What it means to me: food for my soul


My story:
I rarely let a single day go by that I am not writing something. It’s not because I’m particularly dedicated and disciplined. It’s definitely not because I have lots of time to kill. It’s because writing is my bliss.
I need to write just like I need to eat. Wait. That’s not quite true. I’ve skipped a meal or two if I’m in the middle of something awesome.
I only tell you this because I’ve discovered a trick to being truly happy. Just do the thing you were made to do.
You might think “I don’t know what that is.”
You know. You just don’t know you know.
Imagine that you have a whole month to do what ever you wanted. For one month you have no responsibilities, no bills, no commitments. How would you spend that time?
Your bliss is what lights you up. It sparks imagination in your mind and makes your heart beat a bit faster.
I may never write a best-seller. It doesn’t really matter. I will still be here, pounding out words on this laptop, because it is the thing that makes me happy.


I have a full-time job and responsibilities and people who depend on me. It would be understandable if I said, “I don’t have time for all this writing nonsense.” But I would be missing out on the life I’m supposed to have. I make time to do what I am created and called to do.

Besides, all of those obligations will get better from me when I am happy.


Takeaway: Life becomes drudgery when we ignore our gifts. Our God-given talents are our most important assets. One of my top priorities should be to honor my Creator by using the gifts I’ve been given. Not once or twice a month. Not as a thought in the back of mind, filed under “someday.”


Today’s goal: Today I will do something that lights up my spirit and illuminates my purpose.


Affirmation to go:

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