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Today’s Goal: One Word: Proud





Proud—feeling pleasure or satisfaction over something regarded as highly honorable


What it means to me: Grateful and amazed


My story:
I recently did a bunch of cleaning out and throwing away. In my decluttering, I found some old writing notes. You see, I tend to write things out in long hand, on legal pads before I type them into the computer. Out of morbid curiosity, I read through the wrinkled, forgotten pages. Time wise, they weren’t that old—probably six months or so—but I hardly recognized what I’d written.

I have grown in my spirit and my writing in such a profound way, that my efforts from just a few months ago seem like they came from a different person. At first, I was embarrassed, because the older stuff seemed silly and immature, but I realized that was just my ego trying to complicate things.


The truth is the woman who wrote those words was proud of her efforts. She was exactly where she needed to be in that moment. I shouldn’t look at her in any kind of negative way. She was doing so great!


In fact, every moment of my whole life has been exactly as it should be. Every embarrassing, painful, delightful, joyful, heartbreaking moment happened as it was supposed to. They are the moments that brought me to this point.


God was watching every moment of my life. I like to think that a divine force was pulling for me. “You’re doing so well!”


Takeaway: I can smile when I think about my past. Yes, some of it was really hard to get through, but it made me strong and wise and resourceful. I am proud of that girl who made it through.


Today’s goal: Today I will be proud of who I have become, and grateful for every step that brought me here.


Affirmation to go:






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