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Today’s Goal: One Word: Art

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Art— the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects


What it means to me: my light


My story:
I have been a struggling artist since I was scribbling with a red crayon between chubby toddler fingers. I don’t mean struggling as in trying to make a living. I mean struggling as in fighting for the right to create.


Let me explain. No one in my family is or ever was creative. It’s like the family motto. There might be a crest somewhere that says “no art ever”. We are hard-working, no nonsense people.


Even as a child, I said “That’s not gonna work for me.” I was the kid who was constantly daydreaming instead of paying attention in class. I had a spiral notebook full, (and I mean full), of poems I’d written. By junior high, I had learned how to crochet, embroider, and quilt. In high school, I won a state-wide essay contest, and I was president of the art club.


None of this was encouraged. It was in fact met with looks of dismay, as if to say “That girl will never get her head out of the clouds.” But I kept going, kept creating, because that’s who I am.


One day, at a high school district art competition, I was taking down a pencil drawing I’d entered, when a young girl came up to me with wide eyes. She said “Did you draw that?” When I nodded, she said, “It’s so pretty. I wish I could do that.” I gave her the drawing and a hug.


Forty years later, I am still here, with my head in clouds, and I couldn’t be happier.


Takeaway: You have a creative spark in you. It is the signature of your Creator. The closest you will be to God is when you practice the gift you’ve been given. Your art may not be writing or painting. Maybe it is communication or organization. Maybe you are really good at strengthening relationships. Whatever it is, It was put in you so that you can be a point of light, hope, joy, and inspiration to someone else. You may not have a million followers. You may not have applause and a big bank account. But even if there is just one soul out there that benefits from your light, it’s worth it.


Today’s goal: Today I will recognize my gifts and put them to good use.


Affirmation to go:




1 thought on “Today’s Goal: One Word: Art”

  1. sometimes it’s better when nobody else in the family does what you do. There’s no meddling, no standard to live up to… I was the only artist out of 18 cousins and their families; my sister the only musician.

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