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Today’s Goal: One Word: free

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Today’s word: free


My story:
Before I even opened my eyes this morning, I was thinking about things I should have done yesterday. I should have gotten up earlier and organized my kitchen like I had planned. I should have spent less money on things I didn’t really need. I should have made some phone calls and done a better job of staying in touch with people I care about.


I’m sure all those things are true, but what good does it do to fret over yesterday? I know we hear it all the time. “Live in the moment.” We’ve heard it so often, that it’s a cliché. How often do we really try to do it, or even stop and think about it?


There is absolutely nothing I can do about the mistakes I’ve made. I can apologize and make amends, if need be. But beyond that, it doesn’t matter if they happened ten years ago or ten minutes ago. Right now is what’s important. When I consciously let go of all that guilt and worry, I felt absolutely free.


What will I do with this moment? It is ripe with potential. This moment is magical. Anything is possible. I won’t waste it worrying about moments that are gone and that I can’t get back.


Takeaway: You are blessed. You have been given another day to use any way you wish. Make the most of it. Worry and regret are a waste of your precious time. You are so much freer than you think.


Today’s goal: Today I will stop and recognize the individual moments and remember that each one is playing out according to my decisions. I decide to let go and be free.


Affirmation to go:



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