Hey, Universe. Are you listening?


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I am a soul of divine light residing in the body of a 54 year old woman. She works 10 hours/day,5 days/week, in a factory.


I believe in my soul that I have come to the end of what I need to learn from this job.


My writing is my bliss. I have a dozen projects that live only in my mind, because I am too tired to embrace them. I absolutely know that I know that I have a larger purpose than this. I feel like there are so many people out there that I could actually be helping. Ugh. Part of me says that I should just pray and wait until God works it out. And part of me really wants to do something.

It feels like my spirit is pulling me toward something bigger. The next thing. I’m so confused. I’m gonna try this. The bible says you have not because you ask not. Ask and you shall receive, right? So here goes.


I’m brand new to this manifesting thing, so I am throwing this out into cyberspace, and the Universe, and anyone who’s bored and wants to help me.


Hey, Universe. Are you listening?
Here is my intention/affirmation:

I affirm that:


All my bills are paid and I can stay home every day and write.


That doesn’t seem like anything out of the realm of possibility, right?


Anybody out there that feels particularly connected today, PLEASE  send me some affirmative energy and help me move on to the next stage of my journey. I cannot thank you enough.


Dear God,
I need direction, guidance, opportunities, or a large pile of cash.


7 thoughts on “Hey, Universe. Are you listening?”

    1. I started listening to the Bob Proctor thing right after you suggested it. I spend two days thinking about ways to make those laws work in my life. Then I stumbled upon a freelance site that will allow me to make enough money for me to pay my bills and stay home and write. Thanks soooo much for your help!!!

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