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A Basic Lesson on the Ego

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When you were a little baby, you were full of wonder and amazement. You were joyful and curious and creative and brave. This is because you were created by the same source that makes a flower open. You were, at this time, the most like God.

So what happened? Life taught you the rules. You were given limits on your behavior. You learned that imagination is a waste of time. You came to believe in the rules and that beautiful, fearless part of you became hidden.

Here is a scenario that may explain how that came about.
Let’s say you are two years old. You haven’t been walking for very long, but you love to toddle around after the family cat. You think the cat is amazing. Everything it does fascinates you. It is soft to the touch. Nothing else in your world behaves or smells like the cat. Its mystery gives you joy. One day, you reach for this wondrous thing, and in order to draw it closer to you, you pull the cat’s tail. The cat, not liking this, lashes out and scratches you.
This is how your ego is born. Your ego is the part of your personality that protects you. It protects you by teaching you the rules. It uses fear to teach you. What was a source of wonder and joy is now something to be wary of. Your ego taught you the rule “Be careful with that cat. It can hurt you.”

Now this is not necessarily a bad thing. Your ego keeps you safe. The problem is, it gets carried away and becomes extremely overprotective. If the cat-scratch incident was very traumatic, your ego may have convinced you that “Cats are bad.” So you became a dog person.


Over the years, your curious, joyful, adventurous soul has been covered up by layers and layers of fear and your ego is the architect of all of it.


I had a friend who rescued a six-month-old puppy from a shelter. She brought her new friend into her home, set the carrier in the center of her living room and opened the door. The seemingly shy puppy refused to come out, so she brought him out and stood him on the rug. He was so terrified, that every muscle was shaking. He could hardly stand. Once my friend put him back in the cage, he calmed down.
You see, this little guy had lived in a kennel his whole life. It kept him safe from the scary, chaotic atmosphere of the animal shelter.
I’d like to suggest that a feeling a safety is often overrated.
If you are feeling stuck in your life, consider this.
In the book, Conversations with God, Neale Walsh says, “Every decision is based on either love or fear.”

I encourage you to examine your actions, your words, and even the thoughts that pass through your mind. Stop and ask yourself, “Does this come from fear?”
Your ego wants to orchestrate every aspect of your life in order to keep you safe, but are you brave enough to risk a little in order to gain the life you want?


That beautiful, fearless, adventurous, imaginative, divine, shining soul that came into this world is still here. It is simply hidden. It is waiting to come out and play.


I hope this was helpful.
I Love you all!


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