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My First Speaking Event (a.k.a: blessed baby steps)


Yesterday, I had my first official speaking event.


After weeks of preparation and anticipation, I stepped in front of an audience and shared my story, my humor, my hope, and my heart with a group of people who frankly had no idea of what to expect.


Here are some details that must not go unnoticed:


I was really tired. I had spent the entire previous night excitedly talking with my best friend instead of sleeping. That was a great idea. I can barely order my thoughts when I’m rested and sober.


I was wearing a dress that didn’t fit, and shoes that were way too tight.


I was wearing make-up for the first time in years (I am not joking), and a flake of mascara was scratching my cornea the whole time.


We had unfolded and lined up the exact number of chairs to match my predetermined guest-goal. Less than half of them were filled.


The batteries in our borrowed video camera wilted half-way through the program.


Later, when playing back the video that we did get, it turns out that the mic on the camera was much more sensitive to the whistling air conditioning vent than my voice. (something to decide for later reference: which is more important? Is it worth it to deprive my audience of a comfortable, climate-controlled room, or should I make them sweat so that I can make a promotional video…hmm)


Last, but FAR from least, a 90-year-old woman sat in the front row and heckled me!!!


Hands down, without a doubt, one of the best days of my life!


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