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Why You Need a Mission Statement for Your Writing Life

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Most commercial companies have a mission statement. It gives the employees a central ideal; in essence, the reason for their labors.

I am a writer. I am in the business of opening my soul. I, too, occasionally need a little motivation to keep doing what I do. Sometimes my head needs a reminder of what my heart has known all along.

So here is my mission statement:


My success is contingent upon my willingness to focus on, and march along the path of my purpose.

Can I just break this down? Since the connotations of words can be so subjective, I’d like to clarify my personal power.


Success-I will realize my dreams. I will make my living writing books. I will help lots of people.

Consistently-Do it every day. Not just when I feel inspired or have had plenty of sleep. Not just when it’s convenient. Every day. EVERY DAY!

Focus-I will not be distracted from my destiny. I will dedicate my attentions to the important work of my heart and hands. There is nothing on any screen that will help me in this moment. The outside world cannot offer me anything better than these hours honing my craft. There is no one here but me, my soul, and my higher power. My time is sacred.

Path-I am on a road with no destination. It has taught me peace and patience. I carry with me the scars of battles won and lost. The path is not always smooth. I may sometimes fall, but I know this. Where I am is much brighter than where I have been. Tomorrow is lit by my imagination. I am on the right trail. There is no other way.

Purpose– I did not cry and suffer and come out on the other side for no reason. There is someone out there who is in the kind of pain that only I can fully understand. They need me. I will not stop.



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I encourage you to take a few minutes and think about yourself as a writer. What do you want? Why do you do it?
You are a writer. You always have been. It is in the blueprint of your soul.

Write yourself a mission statement and put copies of it everywhere.

Memorize it.

Tattoo it on your arm.

Write a few, powerful words for the person who needs it most—you.




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