How to be happy!

Introduction to a new series “More Light and Love”

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For some time now, I’ve been wondering about coming back to this blog. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I had much to say. What I write must be inspired, purposeful. I never want to add more empty noise to an already loud, chaotic world.

So, I just threw the question out into the Universe, and went about living my life. A few days ago, I got my answer. I was looking through my Audible library (some titles I haven’t listened to for years) and came across one by Dr. Wayne Dyer. By the way, how many of you have pivoted your life based on a random phrase by this wise master? But I digress. Anyway, I had the book playing in the background while I was getting dressed for my day job, when I heard this:

 “The ideal of your soul is space, expansion, and immensity, and the one thing it needs more than anything else is to be free to expand, to reach out and to embrace the infinite. The part of you that knows you have greatness, is stirred by the idea of you expanding and removing any and all limitations.” –Dr. Wayne Dyer

I had obviously listened to the book before, but I’m sure I had never heard this.

This is the idea that the soul, having come from the creative, expanding universe, is ever looking for a way to grow. We came from a God of the infinite. There is a spark within each of us that contains that same source energy. I like to call this the soul. It is the part of you that is not only in the image of God, but is a part of God.

This spark, this soul, wants more than anything to be closer to its creator. It wants to reach, to stretch, to grow, to expand. There is something in you that is unlimited.

It is our job to open up and allow our souls some breathing room.

Why is this important?

Two things happen when you create more space for your soul.

  1. There’s less room for the bad stuff!

Unfortunately, we often keep our souls shut up in the dark. When we were younger, we got hurt. So, to feel safe, we built walls around our hearts. Our light is boxed in with bricks of anger, negativity, greed, dishonesty, and hate. Each brick is mortared together with fear. We think these walls will keep out the possibility of pain, but instead they cage us in and smother our Light.

We wonder why we are unhappy, and at the same time believe that nothing can be done about it.

More positive space within you equals less space for the negative things that hold you back. When you are constantly dwelling on things like past hurts or future worries, they blossom into anxiety, anger, exhaustion, depression, jealousy, regret, stress, and a host of other problems that don’t serve you. These issues can wreck your sleep, steal your peace, drain your energy, and tank your immune system.

Many of us have been in the same negative thinking patterns for years. Getting out of these cycles may seem daunting, but it can be much simpler than you think. You just have to start.

2. There’s more room for the good stuff!

In the same way that feelings of anger or selfishness can box in your soul, your growing positivity will begin to crowd out the negative. Your expanding inner Light will banish the darkness.

I often go for hours, even days at a time without having a negative thought. Okay, the thoughts are probably there, but I don’t notice them and they have very little effect on my life. It seems crazy, but it’s pretty awesome. It’s a lovely way to be and my sincere wish is that you will experience that sort of freedom.

Simple, mindful, practices, when done every day can dramatically change the way you think. You are about to become an addict, but in a very good way. Here’s how it works:

You will create new habits of how you feel and how you experience the world around you. This happens on both the conscious and subconscious levels.

Every time you participate in an activity that consciously expands your soul, you make a bit more room for more stuff that feels good. Like attracts like.

Then you will begin to crave more. Your inner light will actively long for space-making things like compassion, joy, sharing, gratitude, adventure…and the list goes on. The more you feed it, the bigger it will grow.

The bigger your Light expands, the more you will lovingly want to feed it.

Soon your subconscious mind will (naturally and without prompting), tend to dwell on things like compassion, hope, generosity, and self-care.

After a while of this practice, you may just look up one day and realize that you are not the same person that you used to be.

Here is a little taste. Allow me to prove to you that I know what I’m talking about. Let’s do a little experiment.

You will be using your imagination, so sit in a comfortable posture and try to block out your surroundings—if you are in a safe place to do so.

Don’t just read through this. Your busy world will still be here when you’re done. This will only take a few minutes.

  1. Now, I want you to think of someone that is very important to you, someone that you love very much.
  2. Now imagine that they are standing right in front of you.
  3. Now visualize the feeling of hugging this person.
  4. Feel the peace, joy, and Love in that embrace.
  5. Hold onto that feeling for a moment.

Now notice how your body feels. Pay attention to what is happening inside your chest, your head, even your arms and hands.

Being in the presence (or even the imagined presence) of Love, makes something happen inside our physical bodies. There is a sense of awe that makes your heart beat stronger, your head more focused, and your senses more alert. This is your soul expanding, reaching for God.

I am now writing a series of posts entitled “More Light and Love”.

I plan to incorporate a soul-expanding activity or practice into my daily life for seven days and then report to you on the outcome. I hope to post every Wednesday.

I encourage you to read each one and use the following seven days to create your own space for Light and Love. And please, please, comment or email me your progress. I’d love to know how this is working for someone else.

See you Wednesday! Until then…

Be safe.

Be whole.

Be happy.

I Love you all!    


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