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Why You Do Stuff That’s Bad for You

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Everyone knows that babies need love. They need hugs and kisses and warm affectionate embraces. It is vital for their development and wellbeing. Most of us as babies and young children knew love. We knew the freedom and power of love.
At what point do we, as adults, stop needing love?


Yet, somehow, along the way we found ourselves alone in the world.


We have tasted love. We know how wonderful it is. Once a person has known real love, they will never stop wanting it, seeking it. We have known quiet, beautiful, powerful moments in a lover’s arms. Then the relationship changes and all we want is to go back to that moment.

So desperate to fill that void, we do things that light up the pleasure centers in our brains. Those little rewards are a poor substitute for the real thing, but we don’t know what else to do.


We find another lover, another relationship. We find another job, another city. We abuse ourselves with drugs or alcohol. We shop or we gamble. We escape into a mind-numbing screen.

Maybe you don’t have a big, obvious craving. Maybe you get your gratification from bursts of anger, constantly complaining, or judging others.

We will do anything to make ourselves feel better. It is all because we need more love in our lives.

Surprisingly, this doesn’t mean that you need a significant other. Having more love in your life means that your life is made better by love. When you feel the power of being loved, it spills out into your relationships, your attitude, your circumstances, and your whole life.

There is a verse in the bible that says “God is love.”
Few of us every really grasp what that means. Let go of the cliché. Let those words sink in. Think back to a time when you felt real love. Think about how you feel about someone close to you, perhaps your mother or your child. That feeling. Right there. That IS God.

God is love. AND God is everywhere. You already have unbounded love inside you. You were made from love. You are unconditionally loved every second, of every day, of every year of your life.

For just this moment, try to let go of your ego and your judgments and your disbelief and just try to imagine.

How would the world be different if we all operated from a place of love instead of seeking and grasping to find what we already have?


“We can hardly even imagine a world in which all of us were in love all the time, with everyone. There would be no war, because we wouldn’t fight. There would be no hunger, because we would feed each other.” Marrianne Williamson


In your own little realm, how much different would your life be if you lived in a state of pure love?


You would have less conflict, less stress, and less pain. Instead, you would have more peace, more happiness, and more physical energy.

I won’t say that I live this way all the time, but I have been in a conscious state of love for days at a time, and I am telling you it is magical. It is as if I’m living in another dimension, where good things just swirl around me and my life makes perfect sense.

Okay, that might have been a bit more mystical than you signed up for, so here’s the simple truth.

You have what you need. The longing that you carry is a need to feel love. You can’t fill it with anything on the outside. When you sit quietly and think about it, you will see what I mean.

God is Love and Love is God. That energy is in every cell of your body. Believe it. Look for it. Listen for it.



Once you tap into real Love,

nothing will ever be the same.






2 thoughts on “Why You Do Stuff That’s Bad for You”

  1. I have no significant other, per se, as my wife passed nearly eight years ago. Nonetheless, I have never felt more love, coming from so many around me-both in real life and online. It makes for a most comforting day-to-day.

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