How to be happy!

PLEASE Read This If You Hate Your Life

Amazing Journey

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This is for the one who has dreary days and painful nights. I know you are out there.

This is the most important thing I will write. My pain has become my story. It’s purpose is to help you.

I will be posting this to all my groups and pages. To some it will seem rude or overbearing to do so, but I don’t care. Finding you is my sole purpose.

This is for you. I know you. I was you.

I know the day you’re having. It looks very much like all your days. The sun has refused to shine. Life is hard work. You are busy doing things you despise. The cheerful cashier is painfully annoying. You don’t believe happiness is real. Maybe today, you will decide to get through this day.

I know the week you’re having. The work of your hands…

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