This Is Not “Goodbye”

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For some months now, I have felt out of balance. I’d started writing my second book, but couldn’t get the right inspiration. I feel compelled out of obligation to post on my blog, but that hasn’t happened with any sort of consistency. I had planned on developing a speaking career, but the whole venture seems forced, as if this is not the right time. I have been scattered and disconnected. I knew that all the answers lie within myself; I just needed to take the time to sit and be still.

So, I began 2019 with the intention to spend at least one hour each and every day in study and meditation. On January 2, I watched a documentary about Plum Village (Thich Nhat Hanh’s monastery/retreat in France), and the appeal of that lifestyle lingered in the back of my mind.

Although I am not yet prepared to shave my head and become a monk—which may be in my future, only God knows—the idea of having all that time immersed in meditation and contemplation puts a longing in my soul.

On January 3, I was siting in my meditation space and a thought came to me. I can create my own sacred time in many ways. I have to make the choice to spend my time continuously in pursuit of what I want. What I want is to be mindful, peaceful, joyful, and balanced. A big step toward that goal involves eliminating distractions. Since my work is to be done internally, shutting out the voices from the outside is a good start.



I thought “What would happen if I completely “unplugged”? Can I live without cable t.v.? Here’s the big one. Can I live without the internet?

Here is how the Universe responded to that question.
On January 4, my wireless router started acting crazy like it didn’t want to work properly. I never know from one moment to the next if I can go online.
My phone will not longer accept a wi-fi signal.
The battery in my laptop is plugged in, but not charging. At this moment, I’m sitting on 3%.

All of these things are not a coincidence. I am being urged toward a new path. I do not know what will happen, but it feels really good.

I still have to go to work every day, but otherwise I will be at home focused on my soul.


Beginning Monday, January 7 (which happens to be my birthday), I plan to disconnect my internet. I will have no cable. I will still have my old school stereo for music and my phone for talk and text only.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe that our connections to others and the greater world is a vital part of life, and I am sure I will return to that path eventually, but for now I have internal work to do.

To all my followers and friends, know that I love you and hope good things for you. This is to let you know that you will not see or hear anything from me online (no blogging, no facebook, yada, yada,) for…well….I don’t know how long.

Wish me well. I am headed for amazing things!

Light, Love and blessings!


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