How to be happy!

“More Light and Love” chapter 1 follow-up (Gratitude Community)


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This post is for you. we’ll call it a “thank you” note for following this series.


You get to share your thoughts about gratitude.


Hopefully, you have spent the past few days practicing being thankful, but If you are new to this series, you are most welcome to join the party.


Please drop a note in the comments below. You may either post a comment on this page, or below the link on whichever social media platform you found this.


Feel free to give us your opinion about what gratitude can do or even just something you are thankful for.



This is about more than just you and me.


There are plenty of people out there that are suffering. They feel overwhelmed and alone and have no idea what this attitude of gratitude can do to improve their lives.


Your comment might just be the thing that creates a shift toward the light.


Also, hurting people need community; a place to belong. Joining in on a discussion is easier if lots of other people are already doing it. And just like that! Loneliness and despair must take a step back.


So, let’s hear it for gratitude!


…aaaaaand go!


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