How to be happy!, Rise!

More Light and Love Series, Chapter 2: Choosing Love

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This is for the struggling, the stressed, and the sad. I know it’s hard. You’re thinking “Life sucks!”

Please read this. I won’t claim that I can fix everything. We are a long way from cupcakes and rainbows right now. But I can offer a way for you to find a bit of joy, or at least hope.

These are uncertain times, but here are three things that I know for sure:

  1. Everything is in motion, from the smallest atom to the largest star. You may feel stuck, but right now, in small degrees, you are either falling or rising. 
  • 2. If everything is moving, regardless of the direction, it will speed up and gain ground when nudged. If you are feeling down, you will feel worse when you add something negative. But if you add something that makes you feel better you change your trajectory. One little change can start a chain reaction. The better you feel, the more positive your outlook becomes and the more possibilities you will see. Your soul will rise and keep rising the moment you begin to climb.
  • 3. The tiny thing that can change your trajectory is Love. I’m not just talking about romantic Love, but all Love. A pebble of Love thrown into a lake of fear will send out ripples of change. The practice of choosing Love instead of fear can pull you up out of the darkness. And remember, you only need to move in that direction a little bit and the universe will give you momentum.

I know, easier said than done.

We often think that the opposite of Love is hate, but in fact, the opposite of Love is fear.

Here is why choosing Love over fear is so hard, especially now:

  1. It’s hard to choose Love over fear when the fear is so big. Don’t let anyone tell you that your fear isn’t real. I know. I’ve been there. It takes your breath away. Fear makes us question the safety of our children and our parents. Fear is there when each meal gets less and less delicious because each week the bank account gets smaller and smaller. It is hard to change direction when you are in the middle of a free fall.
  2. It’s hard to choose Love over fear because fear helps us to make sense of the world. Fear divides and separates us. Fear boxes us into neat little categories with labels of race, religion, status, neighborhood, political party, age, gender, ideology, and even physical health. To make matters worse, this pandemic has isolated us from family, friends, and the outside world.

(Btw, fear comes in many forms. Just a few are hate, anger, frustration, racism, jealousy, disillusionment, competition, hopelessness, and worry.)

Fear creates a system that makes you think you are cut off, unconnected, alone, and without help.

We are not so different from others and we desperately need each other. In a world of chaos, we need to make sense of things, but this is not the way to do it.

3. It’s hard to choose Love over fear because the fear is everywhere. Fear is what sells the news, intimidates voters, and boosts profit margins. It is impossible nowadays to turn on the TV, open your laptop, or unlock your phone with someone peddling anxiety of some kind. Just today, I got sucked into reading a list of negative political comments and lost twenty minutes of my life.

Well, I am over it!

I am making a stand for Love.

Imagine what your life might be like if you loved your neighbor as much as you loved your dog. What if you cared about your coworkers as much as you cared about your car? What if everyone in our lives has a special, sparkly part of our heart. How much could your soul rise if you sent best wishes to everyone you encountered today?

I can tell you from personal experience that it is nearly impossible to stay miserable when you live this way.

I’m talking about radical, revolutionary, rule-breaking Love.

Love is all around us. In any given moment, we always have the freedom to choose.

There’s a line in the Talmud that says, “He who saves one life saves the world entire.”

The world needs saving and the first life you save might be your own.

Be safe.

Be whole.

Be happy.

I love you all!


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