How to be happy!

More Light and Love Chapter 7: Make Connections

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This one is short, but powerful. Please take a minute to get this.

Every human on the planet has something in common. Well many things, but this one is very important. We all want to be accepted as we are. We are wired from birth to connect to other humans. We NEED Love and acceptance.

You may be homeless and starving and stressed, but you will have hope and a sense of faith if you have a connection to someone who has suffered or is suffering in the same way. There is a belief that because I am Loved, everything will be okay.

It is also possible to be wealthy and feel miserable because you feel alone.

If you want a happier life, read on. This is so simple and yet so profound.

Make real connections with the people around you. Listen to their words with an open heart.

Know that we all feel vulnerable and fearful. We think that if someone knows who we REALLY are, that they won’t approve; we’ll be excluded. We fear that we are not worthy of Love.

Listen and empathize.

Share your fears.

Don’t judge. Just Love.

We are all just doing the best we can. Open your heart and your soul (your light and Love), will expand. When the people around you feel Loved and accepted, they will feel better, do better, and give Love to others.

This practice will not only bring you an amazing sense of peace and joy, but can actually change the world.

May you be healthy.

May you be whole.

May you be happy.

I Love you all.


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