How to be happy!

Light and Love Chapter 8: Patience

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This one feels important. I feel the weight of it. God, help me to find the right words.

Sometimes life is hard. Often it feels impossible. Our hearts start to believe that our best may not be enough.

The fact is, this is just the mysterious, cosmic way of things Life isn’t difficult because you did something wrong. You are not being punished, but it is helpful to imagine that you are being tested. You get to choose what sort of person you will be on the other side of this trouble.

We are on an endless journey of development. Every struggle will determine our strength and what we need to learn.

I know. That sounds complicated and daunting. You may be thinking, “I’m just trying to survive. I don’t have the strength to worry about growth and development.”

That’s fair. And it’s okay.

All you have to know is that it will get better. That’s not just cheerful platitude. It’s the truth. Eventually, all things end. The trick is to live this moment. It is what it is. Just do your best.

The Universe turns everything in stages, cycles, and seasons. This includes our troubles.

Just hold on and wait. Today, maybe even this moment, is all you have to do. You have no control over the future. Take care of this moment.

Then, one day soon, the sun will come out. Something will happen that will change everything. Your hope will return. This stage is taking a different turn.

We have heard that patience is a virtue, and we think that it means to be patient with others. But more light comes into our lives when we can simply be patient with life and with God.

Just hold on. And wait.

You are strong.

Things will be different. I promise.

I Love you all.


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