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More Light and Love Chapter 6: Embrace the Mystery

How much easier would life feel if you woke up every day with a sense of wonder and adventure? Your life is an epic tale and you get to be the hero.


More Light and Love Chapter 5: It’s Okay to not be Okay

Success, peace, and happiness doesn't come at the end of the struggle. It comes in each present moment that we show up, do our best, and love ourselves, regardless of the outcome.


She Couldn’t Look Away (Write Now Prompt for November 6, 2018)

  {a note to my followers: Today's Author is a site that offers weekly writing prompts of all kinds. I've taken the challenge to respond each week. The following passage is a bit dark, and not the usual happy stuff you might expect from me. Do not be alarmed. I'm not depressed, just stretching my writing muscles.}… Continue reading She Couldn’t Look Away (Write Now Prompt for November 6, 2018)


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Shameless Self-Promotion!

  My first official public-speaking event is two weeks away! I am so blessed and excited to start the next leg of my journey. Do me a favor and share this post to your social media and put in a good word for me. I Love you all! Have a beautiful weekend! Click here to… Continue reading Shameless Self-Promotion!