gratitude, How to be happy!


  Gratitude is an amazing thing. It's like magic. Being thankful for what I have and what is coming changes not only my attitude but my actual circumstances. Gratitude opens the gates of heaven. Today I am grateful for so much. strong arms a beating heart air in my lungs peanut butter and jelly ham… Continue reading Blessed!

How to be happy!, prayer

Dear God, I receive.

      Dear God, I am your child. I know you Love me. I am asking for great things. I believe you are sending me an abundance. I believe you are opening doors to my bright future. I thank you for all your goodness. I believe you are opening the hearts of hurting people.… Continue reading Dear God, I receive.

gratitude, How to be happy!

A “Thank You!” Dance

Feeling blessed is one of the best ways to have a happy life.