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Dear God, help my weakness.

  Dear God, I’ve made a big mess of things. Forgive my weakness and my fear. I react when I should be still. God, I am empty. I have no more pride. I need you. I am nothing without you. Help my weakness. Help me to find the tools so that I may always walk… Continue reading Dear God, help my weakness.

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Today’s Goal: One Word: Masterpiece

When we feel weak, that is when we know we can not to this alone.

seek and you will find

Armor of God (pt.9: mercy)

Kindness and mercy may not ultimately be the only course of action. But it should be the first.

seek and you will find, what Love can do

Armor of God (pt.3 righteousness)

My righteousness is knowledge that wraps around my heart and reminds me that God still sees me as innocent and pure.