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More Light and Love Chapter 10: Stillness

Divine Love, Light, and Wisdom live in the stillness. This is how you access your inner Light and higher self.


More Light and Love Chapter 5: It’s Okay to not be Okay

Success, peace, and happiness doesn't come at the end of the struggle. It comes in each present moment that we show up, do our best, and love ourselves, regardless of the outcome.

How to be happy!, prayer

Dear God, I am becoming.

      Dear God, I know that every problem has a purpose. This is my time. I am growing into my power. I am meant to fly. Thank you for my life. Thank you for my journey. This is part of your beautiful plan for me. This is for my good. I am a… Continue reading Dear God, I am becoming.


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Today’s Goal: One Word: cherished

No matter what your day brings, try to remember to just stop and breathe and know that you are not alone.