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More Light and Love Chapter 10: Stillness

Divine Love, Light, and Wisdom live in the stillness. This is how you access your inner Light and higher self.

How to be happy!, transformation

Planting, Waiting, and Harvesting—what season are you in now?

One of the best things about being on a spiritual path is obtaining understanding. Please tell me some of you have these moments…

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  Forgive my unbelief. Forgive my anger toward my neighbor. Forgive my fear. Thank you for your Love. Help me to know you better. Help me to release my faith that you are with me. You are with me in this moment. You are with me in this moment. You are with me in this… Continue reading Prayer


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Breakthrough on Dealing with Difficult people!

Then I sat down to pray. I asked for forgiveness for being rude and impatient…again.That’s when I got it...