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More Light and Love Chapter 9: Play

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Make ends meet. Stay on top of things. Do your best. Be efficient. Be organized. This adulting thing is serious business!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Are you a bit depressed because your to-do list never ends?

Well, I have some sad news for you. That list is never going to be completely done. There is always more to do.

Now that that’s out of the way, what are we to do? Carry on, of course.

But while we struggle to be good, responsible grown-ups, allow me to offer a tiny paradigm shift.

You were made in the image of your creator. Since birth you have been hard-wired to create. When you were a child, you could spend hours making things out of clay or exploring your backyard. You made up scenarios to act out with your friends. It didn’t matter that they were improbable or outlandish. You didn’t chide yourself for wasting time.

Then we grew up and we learned about hard work and responsibility. I’m not saying these things are wrong. They are very important, but so your sense of wonder and fun. It is a part of your original blueprint.

We need to play. We need to let go of all the worries sometimes and just be the joyful creations we were meant to be.

Play is good for you. Here are a few reasons:

  1. Doing something fun relieves stress, which makes you healthier.
  2. Doing a fun activity with others strengthens your relationships.
  3. Doing something fun alone reminds you that you are creative and mindful.
  4. Doing something playful can clear out the overthinking and makes way for creative problem-solving.
  5. Doing something that you enjoy simply makes you happier.

Adding a bit of play to your day is not going to make your workload of problems and responsibilities magically disappear, but it might make them easier to bear. And since that to-do list isn’t going anywhere anyway, what do you have to lose?

Giving your heart and mind a much needed break for just a few minutes can lighten your mood, give you more energy, make you more creative, relieve some stress, and make you more fun to be around.

I know time is tight, but I encourage you to make a little space in your day to do something fun. Put a coloring book and bright-colored pens in your desk. Walk in the grass during your lunch break and notice the way the sunlight dances on the earth. Put down your device this evening, and (just for a few minutes), pick up a paintbrush or a sewing needle or a hammer or a basketball, whatever. You probably already know what makes you happy. Just do it.

I promise you won’t be sorry.

May you be healthy.

May you be happy.

I Love you all.


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