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More Light and Love Chapter 10: Stillness

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Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed or overly busy?

We are all feeling it in varying degrees.

Sometimes we live in a hectic state for so long that we’ve forgotten that things can be different. We think that life is hard and that is that.

I often get distracted from my purpose, putting out today’s fires and fretting about the sparks of tomorrow’s blazes.

It feels like I have no control. But I know in my soul that that isn’t true. I am the captain of my ship. When this happens, I have a way to regain my power and my peace.

I find a place and time to be alone. For just a few minutes, I simply sit. No phone. No music. No one else.

I might sit in the yard with a cup of tea and watch the wind move the leaves or imagine shapes in the clouds. Maybe I will light a candle and simply watch how the flame sways and dances.

This doesn’t have to be a daily practice (although it couldn’t hurt), or an obligation. Call it first-aid for the soul.

I encourage you to find a few minutes today to just be. Become mindful of your surroundings and open your busy mind to some peace.

You will be surprised by how just a few minutes of stillness can calm your nerves, refresh your perspective, and reboot your creativity.

Divine Love, Light, and Wisdom live in the stillness. This is how you access your inner Light and higher self.

I know you think you don’t have time, but ten minutes this afternoon could make the rest of the day less stressful. And who knows? Less stress today could add years to your life in the long run.

Be still and know.

May you be healthy.

May you be happy.

I love you all.


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