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More Light and Love Chapter 10: Stillness

Divine Love, Light, and Wisdom live in the stillness. This is how you access your inner Light and higher self.

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More Light and Love Chapter 9: Play

We need to let go of all the worries sometimes and just be the joyful creations we were meant to be.

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For C.

Photo by Pixabay on Someone I know recently passed away. She was a coworker, and for a brief time, a friend. In the short time that I knew her, it was obvious that she had a kind heart and a generous spirit; a light where there was often darkness. For my friend, Wherever you… Continue reading For C.

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More Light and Love Chapter 6: Embrace the Mystery

How much easier would life feel if you woke up every day with a sense of wonder and adventure? Your life is an epic tale and you get to be the hero.


More Light and Love Chapter 5: It’s Okay to not be Okay

Success, peace, and happiness doesn't come at the end of the struggle. It comes in each present moment that we show up, do our best, and love ourselves, regardless of the outcome.

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“More Light and Love” chapter 1 follow-up (Gratitude Community)

Your comment might just be the thing that creates a shift toward the light.

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10 Things I learned Offline (or My year without the internet)

  I am easing back into the busy world of likes, clicks, and engagements after a self-imposed hiatus from all things online.   note: At first glance, this post may not seem relevant during a pandemic, when the internet has given us a miraculous way of staying connected, keeping busy, and maintaining our sanity. Understand,… Continue reading 10 Things I learned Offline (or My year without the internet)

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PLEASE Read This If You Hate Your Life

There is a beautiful, perfect way out.

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Introduction to a new series “More Light and Love”

This spark, this soul, wants more than anything to be closer to its creator. It wants to reach, to stretch, to grow, to expand. There is something in you that is unlimited.

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Do you know how amazing you are?

  Do you know how amazing you are?   You were created by the same energy that makes the flowers bloom and the stars shine!   Every cell of your body contains DNA that is unlike every other cell in the universe!   Did you know that when a caterpillar larvae is born, it has… Continue reading Do you know how amazing you are?


Promote Your Book!

    I've been a bit frustrated with attempts to market my book "Happiness Is Possible." So instead of focusing on myself, I thought I'd shift my intentions to helping other writers. If you or someone you know has a written a book, please feel free to put a link in the comments below, with… Continue reading Promote Your Book!

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Looking for a Happier Life? Consider These Ten Ideas!

Say "thank you", dream, listen...

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A Moment that took 50 years to make.

This is not a promo for the book. Of course I want to sell the book, but more than anything, I want it to fall into the hands of someone who is suffering.


The Light is on the way! (or Leaving the darkness)

These dark days will one day be the best chapters of your story.


If you are looking for your PURPOSE, I have a suggestion.

Imagine how life would improve if you could forget about your own needing and striving.

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Take another look at your anger.

No one can have control over your emotions unless you allow them to do so. So, why is that particular situation triggering your anger?

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A “Thank You!” Dance

Feeling blessed is one of the best ways to have a happy life.

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A Simple Suggestion for Happiness #7 (Just go through.)

When I stumble, I am really learning to step higher.

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New Site!

Photo by Pixabay on Please come visit my newest adventure. I will be cooking, eating, and writing my way through Antoni Porowski's cookbook "Let's Do Dinner" click link below