If you are looking for your PURPOSE, I have a suggestion.

amazing journey purpose


Do you know that you are basically a mass of energy? Your body is really just a bunch of spinning atoms. That energy lives in an energy field that holds every thing else (all the rest of the energy(s).
That means you are actually connected to every one and every thing around you.


I believe that our “purpose” is to recognize our connections.
Maybe my purpose is to notice that the things I need (like love and respect), are the same things that everyone else is searching for. When I acknowledge that fact, I elevate myself and others.


I bring Love into my life when I share Love with others.
I am helped when I help others.
I am uplifted when I uplift others.


I know, it’s hard to believe, in this modern world, that an old-fashioned idea like loving your neighbor can be of practical value, but consider this. If my focus is on others more than myself, I am less focused on what I am lacking.
Imagine how life would improve if you could forget about your own needing and striving. Suddenly I would have a worthwhile reason for all that I do. Now my life has a connection to something larger than myself, and isn’t that what we all crave?



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