How to be happy!

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Photo by Pixabay on Please come visit my newest adventure. I will be cooking, eating, and writing my way through Antoni Porowski's cookbook "Let's Do Dinner" click link below

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More Light and Love Chapter 10: Stillness

Divine Love, Light, and Wisdom live in the stillness. This is how you access your inner Light and higher self.

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More Light and Love Chapter 9: Play

We need to let go of all the worries sometimes and just be the joyful creations we were meant to be.

How to be happy!

For C.

Photo by Pixabay on Someone I know recently passed away. She was a coworker, and for a brief time, a friend. In the short time that I knew her, it was obvious that she had a kind heart and a generous spirit; a light where there was often darkness. For my friend, Wherever you… Continue reading For C.