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Looking for your advice…

I am struggling with something. Actually, I've been trying to figure this out for about 40 years. I wonder if anyone out there can give me a biblical or spiritually sound opinion on the following problem:

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Coming Soon To a Blog Near You! (actually this one)

    I am excited to announce that beginning on Tuesday, May 1, I will post a daily inspiration/devotional. It will post each day at 5:30 a.m. (CST) and will offer a daily goal based on a single word.   Each day's offering will follow this format:   The day's word defined: (according to… Continue reading Coming Soon To a Blog Near You! (actually this one)

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“Enough!” she cried.

    Here’s my life lately. Let me know if this sounds familiar. I feel off balance. I’m easily distracted and easily irritated. Yes, I need to meditate and pray, but I’m so tired. I’ll just hit the snooze one more time. I’ll be fine. I need to spend some time reading and studying something… Continue reading “Enough!” she cried.

seek and you will find

Armor of God (pt.5 faith)

Often it feels like the negativity is thrown at my head and my soul, like fiery arrows.

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Armor of God (pt.3 righteousness)

My righteousness is knowledge that wraps around my heart and reminds me that God still sees me as innocent and pure.