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How to Get Some Peace in Your Life!

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See if this sounds familiar. You lie down at night and close your eyes. Your body wants to rest but your mind won’t shut down. All those thoughts are racing around and going nowhere. Or how about this. Maybe you have children or an elderly parent at home. You have a full-time job. You have a busy life. A busy life is a noisy life. You dream of silence, a good night’s sleep, a day when the kids aren’t fighting and there are no conflicts at work. You pray for peace. God give me some peace!


I get that way too. I actually pray for peace, as if God will just sprinkle me with fairy dust and I will be calm and serene, just like magic. I must admit I have had moments that felt pretty magical, but I think the day-to-day peace of mind will take a bit more effort on my part.


What if having a peaceful life is less about what I can get from God, and more about what I can share? Maybe the conflicts and noise around me would quiet down when my reactions to them are calm. Maybe instead of wanting God to just dump a bunch of peace on me for my own sanity, I should be a conduit of peace to everyone around me.


After all, why should God give me all this great stuff, if I don’t use it to help others? That’s the point, right? Aren’t we to be the light of the world?



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My goal is to add a calm word of reason to the chaos. I want to forgive instead of adding to the drama. I will have faith that things will work out for my good, no matter how crazy the world around me seems.


That way, I will have more peace in my life and hopefully others will feel more calm as well.


Then when I lay down at night, I will have less noise to work out in my head, because I’m not still trying to process the day’s insanity. Everything was dealt with, blessed, and forgiven in that moment.


This is what it means to be a child of God. Every step along my path brings me closer to the person I want to be. Today I will be peaceful, because the God of peace is with me.


Have a wonderful, peaceful day!

I Love you all!


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